LED lighting in the poultry barn
The welfare and behavior of chickens in Intensive Poultry Farming can be influenced with high-end A quality and smart LED lighting. Now is the time, due to the current demand from the market and the pressure from the animal welfare organizations, for you as a poultry farmer to lighten and furnish your barn differently and in a better.

LEDfactory poultry is a member of the Dutch Poultry Centre 

In an ideal poultry barn, the chicken feels at ease. The environment is simulated as close to nature as possible and based on the well-being of the animal.

A good stable for laying hens and broilers has a number of "Functional areas". The ideal living situation for these social animals is then created in these areas. For example, there must be an area where the chickens can roam about. A permanent place to eat and drink. And especially for the laying hens a quiet place where they can lay their eggs.

“LED lighting positively influences the behavior of poultry, it increases production.”

For laying hens, do not forget the sticks on which they can sleep. Especially the places where the chickens are active benefit greatly from being properly lit. The place where they rest and lay eggs should be especially dim. By designing the barn in this way you can manage the chickens in an animal-friendly way. LEDfactory poultry helps you to realize the ideal chicken house in the field of lighting.

Made in Holland


Since 2010, LEDfactory has focused on the development of LED lighting. In this decade, she has devised and produced specialist LED solutions in an innovative way. The LEDfactory luminaires are "Made in Holland". As a company we work with national partners to be able to offer our clients products of "Top Dutch quality". LEDfactory assures you of sustainable, high-quality and reliable LED lighting solutions.

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