Production of LED lighting for poultry through innovation

LEDfactory poultry

LEDfactory poultry is located at Archimedesweg in Leeuwarden and has been in existence for 10 years.
From the start, the company started to develop and produce luminaires for Intensive Poultry Farming. 

LEDfactory poultry strives to improve animal welfare in poultry farming by developing smart lighting solutions.

LEDfactory poultry focuses on perfection in the development of sustainable LED lighting. It has the ambition to grow globally. Produces its luminaires for poultry farming according to self-imposed high quality requirements with a minimum of 5 years warranty.

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"What is the definition of light? Light is a collection of (electromagnetic) waves that can be observed by organisms through different sensory cells, whereby colors, shapes and movement can be ‘seen’. "

“A-quality luminaires for poultry barns in the Netherlands and for all over the world.”

Since the beginning of 2009, LEDfactory has largely focused on the production of LED lighting for poultry. By developing A-quality LED lighting for chicken barns, the knowledge of our employees about poultry in intensive livestock farming is of a very high level. This knowledge is closely related to market demand and continuous research.

With the development and improvement of our luminaires, we mainly listened to the wishes of, among other things, poultry farmers, barn designers, barn builders, animal feed producers, advisers and other stakeholders from poultry farming industry. LEDfactory, however, goes one step further and also works together with research centers, universities and colleges to further optimize the knowledge. A luminaire from LEDfactory is developed very accurately and goes through various phases after investigation before it is taken into production.

“The LEDfactory luminaires are developed by the engineers from our own Research & Development department.”

What does LEDfactory poultry offer you as a client?

Passion for smart lighting solutions for poultry

Implementing LEDfactory’s lighting solutions to your business, assures sustainability, quality and reliability.

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