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LED lighting poultry

After the ambient temperature, light is one of the most important environmental factors that determine the well-being, growth and production of broilers and laying hens. LED lighting not only provides significant energy savings, good LED lighting also positively influences the behavior of the poultry. The R&D department of LEDfactory has developed luminaires with the current LED technology that make it possible to adjust the light spectrum of the LEDs much more specifically to poultry.

LED lighting for poultry
According to researchers from the WUR (source:, now is the moment for laying hen and broiler farmers to switch to LED lighting. The purchase costs are higher, but the lifespan is considerably longer and the energy consumption is much lower. An LED fixture has an average of 50,000 burning hours compared to an energy-saving lamp but 6,000. LED tubes with retrofitting have approximately 25,000 burning hours. LED lighting breaks down less quickly due to vibrations than energy-saving lamps or fluorescent lighting. As a poultry farmer, go for quality, because light is no longer a cost but an added value for your stable.

LEDfactory products for poultry:

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“Artificial light plays an important role in keeping laying hens, but opinions differ on what is best! There is no standard light scheme. Every chicken farmer does it differently when it comes to light intensity or the incidence of daylight in the barn. ”Researcher Marco Ruis (Wageningen University & Research WUR)

Every barn has a predetermined destination and purpose. Each luminaire is suitable for a specific application, but not suitable for every barn. 

“LEDfactory is happy to share its knowledge, because insufficient knowledge leads to comparison in price and not to comparison in added value.”

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Pay attention to the correct application of your barn in your application, compare product sheets and specifications, such as the burning hours! Cheap is often expensive, so pay attention to the replacement value and costs for cheaper luminaires when calculating your Return On Investment.

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